Evis Resort Rooms & Rates


BungalowAdultsChildren (4 – 15)
Premium Beachfront Bungalow$99AUD / night per person$60AUD / night per person
Beachfront Flexi-UnitTBATBA
* Children under 4 are free
* Up to 2x extra single mattresses per room$60AUD / night each per person$60AUD / night each per person



TransferAdultsChildren ( 0 – 15 )
Transfer Seghe – Nggatirana Island – Seghe$50AUD return (chilldren 0-15 free)Free
Transfers to other resorts in the Marovo lagoonTBA upon requestTBA upon request



Buffet Breakfast, including eggs
(Omelette, scrambled, fried, boiled, poached etc)
Restaurant LunchSBD120
Packed lunch for picnicSBD100
Kid’s mealsBy arrangement



Bottle of wine (good quality Australian) red or whiteSBD200
Glass of wine (good quality Australian) red or whiteSBD40
SolBrew beer 330 ml (can or bottle)SBD25
Soft drink / fruit juice*SBD20
Tea* / coffee* / hot chocolate*SBD20
*Included free of charge in breakfast



Hire snorkelling gearFree
Hire KayakFree
Day trips / island hopping etc.Available on request


Payment Details

There is no reliable Internet coverage on Nggatirana Island, therefore we are currently unable to accept credit card payments.
Preferred payment methods:

    • Pre-payment to our Australian (AUD) or Netherlands (EUR) accounts
    • Payment on Island in SBD (SBD available in ATM’s in Honiara, or at a good rate at Honiara International Airport bureau de change)
    • Payment on Island in AUD / USD / EUR. Please note we use advertised Bank of South Pacific (BSP) “note buy” exchange rates in any conversion calculations. Frequently these are not very favourable, particularly for EUR conversion and we strongly advise our European customers to make pre-payment in EUR to our account in the Netherlands.


All-in packages

If preferred, we, or your travel agent can calculate an all-in pre-paid package that includes accommodation, transfer and meals, which will considerably reduce the amount of cash that you need to carry.

Valid through to December 31st 2019